fundinfo Document Feed API 3.1. fundinfoXML for Live Query
Current version Next release
Release date 05.08.2013     not yet announced
Version v3.0.7
XSD schema fundinfoXML-3.0.7.xsd
Sample XML output (success)
Sample XML output (error)
Sample HTML output
Video implementation sample video-sample.htm
XML Node Description Type Length Changes / next release
/fundinfoXML Root node containing list of fund share class nodes
/fundinfoXML/@version Feed version string
/fundinfoXML/@generated Generation timestamp of the feed datetime
/fundinfoXML/customer Customer node describes customer configuration
/fundinfoXML/customer/@apiKey API key used string 32
/fundinfoXML/request/@countries Available countries string < 256
/fundinfoXML/request/@documentTypes Available document types string < 256
/fundinfoXML/request Request node reflects request parameters
/fundinfoXML/request/@uri Request URI string < 256
/fundinfoXML/request/@query Query string used string < 256
/fundinfoXML/request/@country Country parameter used string < 256
/fundinfoXML/request/@documentType Document type parameter used string < 256
/fundinfoXML/request/@l Force display language (de, en, fr, it, es) for XSD rendering string 2
/fundinfoXML/request/@p[1|2|3] Additional (flexible) parameters for XSD rendering string < 256
/fundinfoXML/response General response information, contains error message if @status="error"
/fundinfoXML/response/@status "success" if successful, otherwise "error" string < 8
Fund share classes        
/fundinfoXML/shareClass ShareClassElement: specifies one distinct fund share class
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@company Company / fund provider name string
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@umbrella Umbrella name string
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@fund Full fund name (including share class extension) string
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@isin Share class identifier (International Securities Identification Number) string 12
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@valor Valorennummer: unique identifier for financial instruments in Switzerland string <16
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@wkn WKN: unique identifier for financial instruments in Germany string <16
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@currency Shareclass Currency string 3
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@isHedged 0=non-hedged, 1=hedged bool
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@currency Shareclass Currency string 3
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@totalExpenseRatio Total Expense Ratio float
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@totalExpenseRatioDate Total Expense Ratio "as of" date date
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/@distributionPolicy Shareclass Distribution Policy:
AND=Accumulating and Distributing
string 3
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document DocumentElement: specifies a document (link)
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document/@documentType FundinfoDocumentType identifier string < 4
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document/@country Publication country string 2
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document/@language Content language string 2
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document/@recordDate "As of" date of the document date
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document/@constraint Visibility constraints of the document:
- YES: all investors
- RES: only restricted (qualified) investors
string 3 introduced @constraint to comply with Document Transfer System (DTS) standard
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document/@disseminationRecipient Dissemination Recipient identifier allows you to distinguish between dedicated documents (which have been produced only to your attention) and regular public documents. The field appears by default in new gateways and can be enabled on older gateways based upon request. If you are interested in using this feature, please contact string 0 or 4 introduced in v3.0.7
(LiveQuery only)
"Virtual" link to the document (containing statistics tracking information) to be integrated into customer's solution. anyURI < 256
IMPORTANT NOTE regarding document URLs included in our standard document feeds:      
You are not allowed to download and store documents unless your contract explicitely allows this.      
If you need to download and store documents we will add the following fields for grouping, downloading and verifying downloaded documents.      
(Document feeds only)
"Virtual" link to the document (containing statistics tracking information) to be integrated into customer's solution. anyURI < 256 Example:
+ Adding parameter "&customer=X" is mandatory for Companies re-selling our feed, where “X” defines the client (i.e. “BANKxyz”)
   in a URL-conform string for fundinfo to identify click statistics.
(Document feeds only)
"Physical" link to the document (if you need to physically store documents on your side). This node is only available if your contract allows physical storing of documents provided by anyURI < 256 Example:
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document/@filesize optional: file size in Bytes int
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document/@checksum optional: MD5 checksum of the PDF file string 32
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/document/@documentId optional: unique document identifier int
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video VideoElement: specifies a video (link)
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@id Unique video identifier (a video can be assigned to multiple share classes so the same video element can appear multiple times) int
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@published Publication date of the video date
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@visibility Visibility constraints of the video:
- public: visible for everyone
- restricted: may only be shown on inhouse platforms
string < 16
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@type  Video type (or "format"):
- PORTRAIT (max. 5 min)
- UPDATE (max. 3 min)
string < 16
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@language Spoken language string 2
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@title Title of the video string < 64
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@summary Description of the video string < 256
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@url URL to the video player:
- add "&redirect=html" to force redirect to the HTML/HTML5 player
- add &redirect=jpg&size=[210x120|196x112|150x86] to force redirect to the video thumbnail
anyURI < 256
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@subtitleLanguages Comma-separated list of available subtitle languages string < 256
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@publicationCountries Comma-separated list of countries where this video may be published.
No publication constraint, if empty.
string < 256
/fundinfoXML/shareClass/video/@interviewDate Interview date of the video date introduced in v3.0.7