fundinfo Document Feed API 3.1. Accessing Documents & Videos published on
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Phone Frankfurt +49 69 750 859 790
Phone Hong Kong +852 2618 1622
Phone Madrid +34 91 414 7805
Keyword Description
Live Query The On-Demand Query Service can be used to query our database similar to the search field on the web page.
Live Query (HTML) Data will be rendered and displayed as a HTML web page. This page is (almost fully) customizable to the customer's wishes.
Live Query (XML) Data will be returned as an XML structure for further processing on the client side.
Live Services Based on the search parameter you specify the service returns a data structure or web page containing matching data or redirects you directly to the respective document or video.
Direct Link (Document) This service will redirect you to the first document matching your query parameters (e.g. for linking to the latest Factsheet of a fund - regardless of the document's language).
Direct Link (Video) This service will redirect you to the first video matching your query parameters. It can also be used to fetch the video's thumbnail image.
Daily Document / Video Feeds (CSV / XML) Daily feeds are used to transfer document links for a specific fund universe (one or more countries, a specific provider, etc…) to the client's database. CSV is commonly used as an exchange format for database tables. This is our recommended feed. XML is a structured format using an XSD schema for validation purposes. Parsing big XML files could lead to performance problems; this is why we recommend CSV as an exchange format for big document universes.
Mapping Tables Definition of countries, languages, document-types and their availability to the different FDS accounts.